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No celebration or family gathering is too small to celebrate at Riviera Event Space. Many of our rooms are perfect for engagement parties, baptisms, anniversaries or birthdays! Creating memories enriches lives and anything worth celebrating creates long lasting and treasured moments. We provide and prepare the same attention to your culinary requirements as we do for any event hosted by Riviera. Our team of event planners, design and d├ęcor, chefs and wait staff, offers impeccable service, no matter what the occasion.


Floor Plans + Rates

Set up of any special event can be suited to meet the requirements of your celebration. Whether it be a single king table, or a number of round tables, Riviera Event Space will be happy to accommodate. Please refer to our Floor Plan & Capacity charts for more information. We are confident that your event will be executed seamlessly and to your complete satisfaction, making it one you'll never forget.

Room Rental Rates

The following fees are starting room rental rates on a per person basis. Minimum guest numbers apply. Ask to see our room capacity charts.

Monday - Thursday Night (In at 5PM out by 1AM)
Starting at $16.00 Per Person

Friday Night (In at 5PM out by 1AM)
Starting at $30.00 Per Person

Saturday Morning (In at 7AM out by 3PM)
Starting at $30.00 Per Person

Saturday Night (In at 5PM out by 1AM)
Starting At $42.00 Per Person

Sunday Morning (In at 7AM out by 3PM)
Starting at $21.00 Per Person

Sunday Night (In at 5PM out by 1AM)
Starting at $28.00 Per Person

Room Rental Rates Include:
  • Kitchen Use For Warming (Caterer)
  • Riviera Event Space In-House Tablecloths & Napkins
  • Chaffing Dishes
  • Pop, Juice, Coffee, Tea
  • 1 Supervisor
  • 1 Waiter Per 50 People
  • 1 Bartender For Up To 200 People
  • Set Up, Clean Up & Dishwashers

Interested in Kosher Cuisine for Your Next Event?

Get in Touch

During an initial appointment, you will be meeting with a director who will answer all of your event questions, walk you through the booking process, and take you on a tour of our banquet rooms. Set aside between 45 minutes to 1 hour for appointments. Booking an appointment on a weekend would be ideal, as it is typically Saturday and Sunday events that rooms are best-dressed.

To book an appointment with our team of event directors, you can create an appointment online using our appointment scheduler below, by emailing us at info@rivieraeventspace.com, or you can call us directly at 416.987.4400.

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